4/34 Robert Morton Organ
Ohio Theatre - Columbus, OH
Photos of the Morton

For the few theaters today which still have a functioning pipe organ, usually only the console is visible to the audience. The pipes are covered by grills, drapes or some other obstruction which blocks the view of the pipes. 

While the console basks in the limelight and stimulates visually, the pipes give the organ its signature, authentic sound and peak the auditory interests of its listeners. The Ohio Theatre's Morton pipes are in rooms called chambers and are located behind the decorative curtains on either side of the stage (see photo at right). The Main Chamber is on the right side of the theater (stage left for the thespians), and the Solo Chamber is on the left side of the theater.

Below are several photos of the organ, divided up by a component or location within the organ. Click on a photo to be taken to that section.
Solo Chamber
Curtains cover the shutters of the Solo Chamber on the left side of the theater.


The Console

Main Chamber

The Main Chamber

Pipe Markings

Markings on the Pipes

Solo Chamber

The Solo Chamber

Morton Maintenance