4/34 Robert Morton Organ
Ohio Theatre - Columbus, OH
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The opening of the Ohio Theatre in 1928 was well documented in the local newspapers. Fortunately for us the newspaper archives are accessible to the public at the Columbus Public Library in downtown Columbus. A thank you to the library staff for assisting with some of the article gathering.

As one peruses periodicals from the 1920s, there are a few things noticeably different when compared to today's newspapers. First, there are very few photographs in the newspaper. For the most part, a picture is usually a drawing rather than an actual photograph. Even lettering in ads is often hand-drawn.

Next, the articles are not organized as concisely or consistently as they are today. Things are grouped together in very general topics, but even these definitions seem to be loosely followed. Some topics such as Sports or Finance are grouped well, but local, state and national news all blends together across several sections of the newspaper.

Lastly, articles for the most part lack an author and are crammed on the pages in almost a random format.  This might be due to how they were put together and printed, but it certainly looks and feels less organized than today's newspapers. Every inch of space is used!

Articles are sorted by type and time period.

"The Columbus Dispatch" - March 16, 1928
Columbus Dispatch - March 16, 1928
1969 articles
end of era

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