4/34 Robert Morton Organ
Ohio Theatre - Columbus, OH
Solo Chamber

The chambers for the Mighty Morton require you to, in some cases, literally crawl around to get from place to place (after all, that's why it's called an "organ crawl"). Due to the tight quarters of the chambers, some areas nearly impossible to be photographed.

On this organ, the Solo Chamber is on the left side of the theater (stage right for you thespians). It
is jam packed full of pipes and other organ equipment. Other than the addition of a few traps, the Solo Chamber has not changed since the organ was installed in 1928.

Check out these pages detailing specific items within the Solo Chamber.

Diaphone and Tuba

Diaphone and Tuba Ranks

Traps and Percussion

Traps and Percussion

Other Ranks

Other Solo Chamber Ranks

Other Photos

Other Solo Chamber Photos