4/34 Robert Morton Organ
Ohio Theatre - Columbus, OH
Articles About the Ohio Theatre Opening in 1928

Several articles about the theater appeared in the newspaper both prior to and after the theater's opening. It's quite evident that there was a lot of anticipation about the opening of the theater. Judging from the articles, the critics and the public were pleased by what they saw and heard.

Most of these articles mention at least in passing something about the theater's pipe organ. 

Here's an article about the upcoming opening, also in the March 16, 1928 edition of "The Columbus Dispatch." Note that the opening organist for the theater was a guest organist rather than a "resident organist." Henry B. Murtaugh was one of the premiere organists of the day. Also note that the center photo misidentifies the Greta Garbo flick as "The Diving Woman" instead of "The Divine Woman".

Columbus Dispatch - March 16, 1928

This small article appeared in the Columbus Dispatch on March 18, 1928. I find the part about the people admiring the rooms and not entering the theater itself to be interesting. Even today, people wander around the building admiring the architecture.

Columbus Dispatch - March 18, 1928

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